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Nebraska Whitetails - Bow Hunting The Corn Husker State

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The sound of leaves crunching in the distance alerted me to the slow progression of several deer approaching my stand site. My heart began to flutter in anticipation of their arrival, as the staccato rhythm of advancing footfalls grew louder and louder. The first deer to appear on the scene was a medium-sized doe, followed by an 8-pointer and a much larger buck whose unique-looking rack sported a small sticker point, and a broken left brow tine. As I embraced the magic of the moment, a surge of deep concentration took over my thought process. My eyes immediately centered on the bigger of the two bucks. After casting a few quick glances in his direction, I instantly determined that he was a "shooter."

My position was ideal. A strategically placed ladder stand blended in well with the surrounding terrain. The stand was located approximately 15 feet above the ground in one of several large oak trees that overlooked a gradually sloping hillside. This particular area was a virtual haven for white-tailed deer. It offered an assortment of natural attractants that appealed to bucks of all shapes and sizes, including the most dominant and mature. The presence of a nearly impenetrable cedar thicket to the south served as a secure sanctuary for their daytime bedding area. In addition, a small creek bottom and a recently picked cornfield nestled below the stand of oaks provided an inviting buffet of food and water. Also, large family groups of female deer commonly gathered on the hillside oak flat at sundown to feed, which further increased its allure.

From my elevated perch, I watched the 8-pointer vigorously work over a large scrape and its helpless overhanging branch. Meanwhile, the bigger buck appeased his appetite by devouring a healthy amount of acorns. He was also quite intent on analyzing the actions of several does that were now lurking in the nearby shadows. Since it seemed obvious that he had no idea I was in the immediate area, I figured it was safe to try tickling his auditory nerve. I assumed that I could prey upon his natural impulses as his attitude clearly indicated that he was ready to start the breeding ritual. After slowly reaching for my grunt tube, I followed with three short tending grunts in an attempt to lure him into bow range. It seemed to work as he stepped out from a patch of thick brush and started heading in my direction.


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